About Us

I am Rachel Ellen and I am the owner of Beautifully Ellen.
We have a variety of hair care products that are made from naturally derived ingredients and are amazing for your hair and scalp health. 
It all started when I was looking into health and well being around 10 years ago and finding it absolutely shocking the amount of harsh chemicals that are in our food and our cosmetics. 
I looked to so many companies to find some natural hair care. Eventually when I found one they changed the recipe for their products and it was never the same. So I started to look for my own because at least then I had some control over them.

I think if you can limit the amount of harsh ingredients that contact your skin the better! This is easiest thing I could do personally to limit the amount of harsh chemicals that go into my body and I am sure there are so many people out there who feel the same!
New products are in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled! 
Rachel Ellen xx