Welcome to Beautifully Ellen…..

Welcome to the blog of Beautifully Ellen. I would like to say thank you for clicking on our page and I hope you enjoy the useful information we are planning to provide to you to help you with your daily hair and skin care routine.

My name is Rachel Ellen, I am the founder of Beautifully Ellen.

So just a brief background as to how my idea came to fruition. Around 8 years ago I joined a network marketing company, it was all about health and well being. This started me on a journey of looking into everything outside of what was taught to us in society and to also start looking at ingredients of everything I was consuming or using on my skin/hair. So basically I started looking for healthier, cleaner products throughout the years. I never managed to find products that I loved for my hair though or when I did they changed the ingredients and it was never the same! I have tried so many sulphate free hair care products and just never found one that was truly toxic free.

One thing you need to know if you don’t already is that what goes on our skin is absorbed. Every toxic ingredient that is absorbed will build up free radicals in our bodies and it causes what is called oxidative stress, which can cause premature ageing or diseases. Just think of everything that contacts our skin (as they say the skin is a carrier not a barrier!) or ends up in our bodies through eating, drinking etc. and how much this will build up over time if it is toxic. So trying to find good hair and beauty products that are clear of toxic ingredients is the easiest thing I could create to reduce this for myself and for people around me.

The idea of having harmful toxic chemicals in the ingredients in place of another harmful ingredient is contradictory. I honestly felt like a lot of the products that were out there were not trustworthy with their marketing of ‘sulphate free’ and so I really wanted to create my own. This is where my product range started. I am so happy now I have 100% natural products to be able to sell online to everyone and to promote healthier and cleaner living!

Please keep your eyes open for advice and amazing facts about ingredients coming soon.

Stay Beautiful

Rachel x